Joe's Awesome
68.7lb White 3/2009

68.7lb White
San Diego


Coral Trout Tonga

Joe Shooting

Tri Club Meet Winner

Tonga Coral Trout

Great Catches!

Snapper in Tonga

Tonga Wahoo

Whales in Tonga.

Joe Swimming with
Whales in Tonga

Up close and personal.
Joe in Hawaii

Men's Journal Magazine shot

Lobster Limit

Joes Rig

Night dive halibut

Point Loma 05'

Riffe Ad Joe in Hawaii


Will and Joe 04'

Tropical Haul

Joe's Nemo shot

Real Sea Snakes

Fish Pic!



44 lb Cortez  Banks Yellow

Cortez Yellow

Nice Halibut


Lobster feast 2005
with Marty

2005 Neptune Fall Classic
Winning Lobster

Neptune Fall Classic

Last Year?

Pole Spear

Year before last.